The second planet with volcanic activity.

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The second planet with volcanic activity.

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Venus is the planet in the solar system that most resembles Earth, it has a similar composition, size and gravity, it is the one that comes closest to us, being only 38 million kilometers away and in the past it is believed to have had rivers , seas and it could also rain.

Although at present it is a dry world with clouds of sulfuric acid and an atmospheric pressure that would be similar to what we would feel a thousand meters deep under the ocean, and if that is not enough the temperatures are also hellish, the temperature is more than 465 degrees Celsius on average, it's so hot that we could find lagoons of molten lead that we could find if we survive all of the above.

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But why Venus turned into a planetary version of hell, there are various theories, but we still don't know; but with certainty what we do know now thanks to research from the University of Alaska and published by NASA, is that Venus is similar to Earth in other aspects and that there are also active volcanoes there.

The largest volcano on Venus with 8,000 meters high has been discovered by analyzing old radar images of Mount Maat, the images were taken by the Magellan Probe between 1990 and 1991 and in them the researchers discovered the existence of a vent in the volcano of about 2.2 square kilometers, this vent changed shape and grew over eight months.

In the first images, the Probe captured a volcanic crack of about two square kilometers and a depth of 175 meters, when the spacecraft passed through it again 8 months later, the crack had complicated its size and seemed to have been filled to the edges with a material which, according to scientists, cannot be anything other than lava, although they are not 100% sure, because the observations are almost at the limit of radar resolution, but volcanic activity is the most plausible explanation.

In this way, Venus would become, together with Earth, the only planets in the solar system with active volcanism, although Venus and Earth are beaten by Jupiter's moon Io, which is indeed volcanic, it has hundreds of active volcanoes that expel sources of lava several kilometers high.

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