The long-awaited takeoff

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The long-awaited takeoff


The moon also has its dangers, especially when it comes to sending humans to the moon, this month we can finally see the long-awaited and delayed launch of Artemis, most likely to be launched on October 2.

It is the first of a series of increasingly complex missions to the moon, these missions are led by NASA, it is an international mission, the objective is to send not only humans to the moon but also the first woman to step on the moon and the first the first person of color.

Possibly it will be in 2025, but there are dangers of the moon that can alter that date, what they are clear about is that they want to send humans to the moon, although the date is not very clear and that presence on the moon is constant, since either by means of a base on the surface or by an orbital space station or with both at the same time and once that presence on the moon is achieved, use it as a springboard to send astronauts to Mars.

The mission will also test the enormous rocket of the Space Launch System or SLS for its acronym in English and of course the Orion spacecraft, which will be in charge of taking astronauts to the moon and bringing them back to earth safely.

Artemis 1 will aim to perform a flyby of the moon using lunar gravity to gain speed and propel itself up to 70 thousand kilometers beyond the moon and will reach almost half a million kilometers from earth, farther than any other human. has reached to date, the record for humans who have reached the furthest, is held by the three crew members of Apollo 13 who arrived, albeit by accident, up to 400,171 kilometers away from earth.

Also next September we may see another historical event related to the conquest of the moon, because the launch of the Starship is being prepared, which within the Artemis program, Starship will have the function of a lander or moon landing, that is, the ship in charge of take the astronauts from the Orion ship that will be in lunar orbit to the surface of the Moon and then the Starship will be in charge of taking them out of there to return them to the Orion ship.

That would be the lander version, because the StarShip in principle is designed to be able to travel from the earth to the moon and land on it, the reasons why they do so are complicated, my opinion is that NASA has been around for many years, specifically since the 2006 with the development of the Orion spacecraft and that NASA prefers to continue with the classic approach of the Apollo missions, which consists of a three-piece rocket launcher, transport ship and landed or initiator, instead of following the revolutionary scheme of two pieces of Space X that would consist of a rocket launcher and a starship to go to the moon.

It seems that the missions to the moon are going to have two systems to travel to the moon, if SpaceX manages to develop the starship in time it could present itself as the complete alternative to possible new failures and delays in the Artemis program, in fact, recently the date for the return of humans to the moon was 2024 now there is talk of 2025 but it is very possible that it will be delayed to 2026 or even beyond, hopefully everything goes well and without delay.

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