The largest explosion in the known universe

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The largest explosion in the known universe.

Image created by me in playgroundai

It has been captured by a team of astronomers after analyzing data that was not reviewed for two years, the scientists, in this case a team of scientists from the United States identified the phenomenon whose origin is unknown, the explosion known as AT2021l wx.

It is not that it is the brightest in the universe, what has attracted attention is that it has been exploding for more than three years and that is a long time, if we compare it with most supernovae, a supernova is when a massive star explodes , those powerful explosions only stay bright for a few months and this one has been glowing for years.

Imagine the amount of the jet of energy that it has released in all that time, this event luckily took place very far away, almost 8,000 million light years away when, the universe around it was about 6,000 million years old and its light still continues to reach us. us.

This event occurred 8,000 million years ago, but its Light is reaching us now and that is why we are capturing it and is still reaching and capturing it through a network of telescopes.

Ten times brighter than any known supernova, and three times brighter than the brightest known tidal gap event, a tidal gap event is what astronomers technically call when a black hole devours a star.


The researchers are not sure what is happening, nor what is the origin of the explosion, the theory that it has and that is why they have represented it with the illustration above.

The theory they have is that there is a supermassive black hole that is swallowing a gas cloud that is thousands of times more massive than our sun and therefore also much larger than the largest known star, that giant cloud would be being violently devoured by the supermassive black hole and by not being able to swallow it all at once, it could be swallowing and swallowing that gas from the cloud for years. In addition, the fragments of the cloud that are being swallowed would be sending shock waves through the rest of the cloud, which has not yet fallen into the black hole and these shock waves are causing the entire giant cloud to be glowing brightly.

These types of events are extremely rare and nothing like this has ever been seen and is just being studied in detail.


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