The Juice mission continues

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The Juice mission continues

Finally, after three weeks, the technicians of the Juice mission of the European space agency have succeeded in getting the ship to deploy its radar antenna. Has it ever happened that a lid gets stuck and does not open? Well, something similar has happened here. a small pin got stuck by a few millimeters and wouldn't let the antenna fully deploy.

The technicians tried everything, from shaking the ship by pushing with the impulses of the engines, to directing the stuck part to the sun so that it would heat up, but nothing, in the end on May 12 they tried to make a carom like in billiards.

The flight control team fired a mechanical device called a non-explosive actuator, located on the stuck support, which caused an impact that moved the stuck pin a few millimeters, just enough for the 16-meter antenna to finally open.

The antenna is essential in the mission whose objective is to explore the large icy moons of Jupiter that are Callisto, Ganymede and Europa, very interesting worlds since they have oceans of liquid water under their icy crust and it is also supposed that they have all the necessary elements for them to there life would have arisen.


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