The innermost core of the planet.

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The innermost core of the planet.

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The following finding will change the textbooks, since until now we studied that the interior of the earth consisted of four basic layers, the crust, the mantle, the outer core that is made of liquid metal and the inner core that is made of metal solid, but the work of researchers from the Australian National University reveals that there is another even deeper layer, an even deeper inner core in the very center of the earth, an inner core that would also be metallic is not the first time that the hypothesis of the existence of this new layer is launched.

Dr Thanh-Son Phạm of the Australian National University states that “the existence of an internal metallic ball within the inner core, what would be the innermost inner core was hypothesized about 20 years ago we now provide another line of evidence for test the hypothesis”

The novelty of now is the contribution of evidence that would demonstrate the existence of this central nucleus of the earth, but how can they know that, if the deepest well we have made is the tail one of 12,263 meters, how is it that we can know what there are thousands of kilometers underground.

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This is thanks to the seismic waves that act like a sonar when propagating through the interior of the earth, it gives us an idea of what is under our feet, to achieve this it is necessary to collect a large amount of seismic data from measurement stations, in addition located at opposite ends of the planet, for example, you can record the seismic waves from an earthquake in Mexico and compare how these waves emerge after passing through the center of the earth at the other end of the planet, on an island in the Indian Ocean and then as the waves travel back to the Source of the earthquake.

Scientists describe this process as something similar to a Ping Pong ball bouncing from one side to the other, although undergoing changes throughout its journey. What researchers do is analyze those changes and thus have a picture of what there is inside the planet.

These scientists have analyzed data from around 200 earthquakes of magnitude 6 and above in the last decade, one of the earthquakes they studied originated in Alaska, the seismic waves caused by that earthquake bounced off somewhere in the South Atlantic Ocean, before traveling back to Alaska.

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Studying the deep interior, the inner core of the earth can tell us more about the past and the evolution of our planet, that inner core is like a time capsule of the evolutionary history of the earth, it is a fossilized record that serves as a door to entrance to learn about the events of the past, events that happened to the Earth hundreds of millions or billions of years ago.

In addition, researchers have discovered something very curious, analyzing the seismic waves that cross the central core of the earth, made up of metals, mainly iron and nickel, have led to the suspicion that the earth may have suffered a major global event at some point that led to a significant change in the crystalline structure or texture of the earth's inner core.

They imagine the event that could change the very heart of the earth, since they have not yet found evidence to give an answer, but the investigation continues.


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