The first hydrogen-powered train.

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The first hydrogen-powered train.


The energy crisis is evident and the need to reduce pollution is also evident, all of which is forcing us to look for new sources of energy and alternative solutions.

In Germany, in the city of Breve-en-borde in the state of Lower Saxony, the first train line in the world powered only by hydrogen has been inaugurated, a total of 14 trains manufactured by the French company Alstom, in collaboration with the institute of concept vehicles of the German space agency the DLR.


The advantage of hydrogen trains is that, instead of polluting gases, what they emit is water vapor and they also move much more quietly than diesel-powered trains, and to this we must add that these trains in particular have a autonomy of 1000 kilometers in fact they can work all day with a single recharge of their hydrogen tank.


The main problem with hydrogen is that obtaining it at this time is expensive and also the cheapest way to achieve it is by using fossil fuels, so we would be in a situation of not polluting on the one hand, but polluting on the other, however, I have said that at the moment because technology is improving and producing hydrogen is an interesting and increasingly cheaper alternative for those energy sources with an irregular flow or that are found in isolated places.

I am referring, for example, to solar or wind energy, which at certain times may have energy production peaks or which are located in areas very far from the centers of consumption, so these solar panels or wind farms can use these increases in production to extract hydrogen from water, store the hydrogen and thus have hydrogen and therefore energy for when it is needed, for example, for one of these trains.


Currently, experts consider that trains that use hydrogen and oxygen to generate electricity through fuel cells are emerging as a zero-emission solution and ideal for local or rural railway lines where electrification is too expensive.

The Alstom company already has four other contracts for more hydrogen trains, to be installed in Germany, Italy and France.

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