The first eco-friendly rocket engine.

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The first eco-friendly rocket engine.


The British company Pulsar Fusion tested its new green MACH-7 hybrid rocket engine on a Swiss site, it is called or defined as green because it is powered by recycled plastic waste and nitrous oxide N2O.

The two elements burn together producing a non-toxic emission composed mainly of water vapor, hence the green thing, in addition this propellant has an extremely low energy requirement and a very low carbon footprint, due to the design the engines have failure modes relatively small compared to conventional liquid propulsion engines.


The result is one of the cleanest and greenest rocket engines out there, the creators believe that the new engine could be used in the upper stages of space rockets to put charges into orbit, although the British company has goals that go a long way. further afield, his dream is to produce a hyper-fast engine that runs on nuclear fusion energy, which is why the company is called a pulsar.


Their dream is an engine that would cut the time to travel to Mars in half and that would allow us to explore the solar system, that goal will be reflected in a first prototype that they hope to have built by 2025.


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hmm, that's something to watch out for. They sound like they have good intentions.

That's right, you always have to question everything, that is the basis of science! Cheers

I'm a little weary of these types of announcements. I'm not referring to your content in case you're wondering. The plastic you mention is High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). N2O doesn't really seem eco-friendly either. The exhaust mentioned as "largely water vapor" isn't specific about what else is expelled either. I love it when companies only want to advertise the best of something.

That is true, in any combustion the product is water and CO2 among other things, we are going to give you the benefit of the doubt that you are really looking for a different and innovative handling. Greetings.

That’s…good? Um…. confused head scratching good. That’s good.

If we can’t stop war, make it eco-friendly?

As any other technology can be used for good or for evil, the difference is made by man!