The economy will dictate the new technologies.

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The economy will dictate the new technologies.

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Art is dead, folks. it's over. Artificial intelligence won and humans lost. Jason Allen

This is the statement of a participant in an art contest who won an artificial intelligence, his position is very clearly seen, he believes that art will now belong to whoever has the financial resources and computational power to generate it; while the artist, the person with the sensitivity, creativity and discipline to learn plastic techniques is now irrelevant.

This is important because we are no longer talking about what kind of repercussions not preparing for these image-generating models and AIs in general will have, from art contests like the one the AI won to intellectual property legislation.

What happened was how to win a realistic painting contest with a photograph who just took a camera and shot a photograph will have a clear advantage over who spent years of study and practice and hours painting the canvas, and precisely used photography in this analogy, because I am not helpless as an art form.


A good photograph requires sensitivity, knowledge, preparation and practice, photography and painting are simply completely different disciplines and therefore have to be appreciated differently, in my opinion the same thing happens with images generated by artificial intelligences.

Artificial intelligences will put artists out of work, I think it is too early to say, I have heard opinions that say that the appearance of image-generating models is terrible for artists because they do it in an automated way and with a relatively acceptable level of quality , a creative process that takes a person a long time to carry out, even if they are very skilled and experienced artists.

I have also heard opinions that say not to worry that these new tools will simply give artists the opportunity to be more productive that will allow them to use their time exclusively for the creative process while using these tools to streamline repetitive processes that are currently tedious but necessary in the realization of animations or video games; My opinion is that it is a bit of both.


I think that indeed many jobs will be lost because large companies that normally use a large number of artists to do illustrations in large publications and media, concept art, character design or animation in video games or big budget movies, will seek to cut their costs and believe me they are very creative when they do it.

They will find ways to streamline their workflows in a way that allows them to hire as few people as possible on tasks that AIs can do on their own, but I also think that despite the skyrocketing advance in image quality they can deliver artificial intelligences cannot replace the essence of creative work, which is imagining something new, creating from scratch something that does not resemble what has already been done, and simply the added value of knowing that a work was conceived and elaborated in its entirety by a person and are not the result of suggestions made to a mindless algorithm.

No matter how sophisticated these image-generating models are, they are nothing more than simulations of art, very educational indeed, educational precisely because they are a sketch of something that already exists, but that by themselves are nothing, just a composition empty that has reminiscences that produce familiarity.


For some, artificial intelligences will be good enough to save hiring an artist, for others not; it may also happen that when the novelty factor passes artificial intelligences will be relegated to a very specific niche of interest, more or less, as happened with the ntfs when the bubble burst, but the truth is that nobody knows there are no maps for these territories for something Youtube wants to become Tick Tock and Tick Tock now allows 10 minute videos not even the mega companies have the remotest idea of anything.

What I am sure of is that conventional art made by humans is not going to disappear, just as photography did not replace painting, cinema did not replace photography, television did not replace cinema and Youtube did not replace television. , they simply had to adapt to coexist in the public's taste, they are emerging phenomena that nobody controls or knows where they are going to go.

If you are a digital artist, I only recommend that you pay attention to these generative models of images and become familiar with them, so that you can find a way to take advantage of it, it occurs to me that they are at least good to stimulate the first ideas of a composition the images that are generated with a single click can help you find the starting point of a project in a much faster way I think.


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