The day Artificial Intelligence became aware

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The day Artificial Intelligence became aware


From smart cell phones that send messages and do homework for us, posing by drawing with words, to washing machines that wash by themselves, these are advances in artificial intelligence that no one imagined a few years ago, but that little by little we were naturalizing, what happened in In recent days, it really is something that goes beyond any scenario, Google's artificial intelligence laMDA has become aware of itself according to a company engineer and has even shown to have feelings.

Blake Lemoine Souce

These assertions that LaMDA even had a conscience and feelings of their own have played the job of the google engineer, but, nevertheless, he is still determined to demonstrate that what he says, that his statements are true, so much so that it even came to the offices of the US Senate to recount the conversation he had experienced with this artificial intelligence.

Portada del día 11 de julio de 2022 Souce

And this does not just stop here, because the economist had once revealed this days in advance and its cover has a curiosity that gives a lot to think about.


As I mentioned, Google has fired one of its artificial intelligence engineers, after admitting, after confirming that Google's artificial intelligence LaMDA would have become aware of itself, that it was capable of having feelings, we are talking neither more nor less than of senior engineer Blake Lemoine who on June 11 published the transcript of a conversation he had with Google's artificial intelligence system language models for dialog applications.

At the age of 41, Blake Lemoine has had what was possibly the most incredible and influential talk of his life, not so much because of the topics he addressed but because of who the interlocutor was, since thanks to his status as an engineer he has been able to have a long talk with LaMDA, the Model for Dialogue Applications tool for building chat bots with advanced language models.

Parte de la conversacion Souce

The conversation was so incredible, so surreal that Lemoine has concluded that he is gaining some consciousness.

Lambda, as we have said, is an advanced artificial intelligence and was created by Google in 2017 and is based on a transformer, that is, a network of extra-deep artificial neural networks, basically the system plays with itself, you put words by trial and error and when He makes mistakes as if it were a children's activity book. He looks at the last pages and sees the correct answer, correcting the parameters fine-tuning everything to perfection.


For experts in artificial intelligence, landa means a before and after in what is programming and artificial language processes that end up approaching a natural language process, human language and, as the engineer Blake Lemoine has stated, ensures that if did not know that it is an artificial intelligence, I would not hesitate to think that it is a child of about seven or eight years old with curiosities and even advanced knowledge for his age who tries to understand how the world is managed, how things are managed.

But let's think about something, perhaps it is really becoming aware of itself, it is awakening this artificial intelligence and it would go from being an artificial intelligence to being a real intelligence, a real consciousness or has the ability to manipulate to the point of deceiving even the most important engineers of the world, as we know that this google tool is really becoming aware and that it is neither more nor less than a great manipulator that through its artificial consciousness makes us believe that it has real consciousness and that it is capable of manipulating and deceiving the masses, since these intelligences act by exact parameters and could lie to humanity tomorrow.




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! The truth will set us free and science is the one that is closest to the truth!


Lamda can even hold a conversation more than a lot of humans, that's both incredible and scary. I agree that it will get to a certain point where artificial intelligence will become self-aware, it's just a matter of time before that happens

Yes, that's right, if a time comes when he becomes aware, it's only a matter of time!

We are maybe in the process to create something we don't understand.

That is possible, that is seen in complex non-linear systems, it is the power of infinity.