The day a human object will collide with an asteroid.

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The day a human object will collide with an asteroid.


On September 26 at 7:14 pm EDT North American Eastern Time, the impact of NASA's DART spacecraft against the asteroid Dimorphos will occur almost 11 million kilometers from Earth with the intention of deflecting it a little.

The objective of the mission is to check various technologies, one of them and the most basic, is to know if we can impact an object located millions of kilometers away.


On August 25, NASA reported that it had confirmed the orbit of the asteroid and for this they used some of the most powerful telescopes in the world, they did it during an observation campaign that has lasted a whole month, the asteroid that will be impacted does not pose a danger For us it is small, it is between 160 and 170 meters in diameter and it orbits another larger one called we live, which is about 780 meters in diameter.


It is very important to know the movement of Dimorphs with absolute precision, not only to be able to launch the spacecraft against it, but also for how much it has been displaced by the impact, according to Nick Moskovitz, astronomer and co-director of the observation campaign, who said that "there is no we want at the last minute to say ok here's something we hadn't thought about or phenomena we hadn't considered, we want to be sure that any change we see is entirely due to what DART did,” the astronomer declared.


For this reason, they must analyze even the most subtle effects, such as, for example, the thrust suffered by the surface of the asteroid heated by the sun's radiation, a minimal but sensitive thrust that can be detected, measurements must be taken to the millimeter, but if everything goes well, it will be possible to demonstrate that we are capable of sending an autonomous ship millions of kilometers away in order to impact an asteroid and thus change its trajectory, something that will be very useful to us in the future when we discover an asteroid that go on a collision course with the earth something the dinosaurs couldn't.

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There certainly is some pretty fine mathematics involved in this one - fair play to the brains behind it !


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