the conquest of space

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the conquest of space

Souce Base espacial

I think the colonization of other worlds will be something possible, it will also be something evolutionarily necessary as a species, the future of humanity is in space; unfortunately it will not be our generation, nor may it be in the next century, we need technology to travel beyond the solar system, making interstellar travel are things that we still do not have, nor do we know how to do it, but I think we will end up doing it .

Souce We must take care of our planet

We will not start by terraforming worlds or Mars, the first world that we have to terraform is ours, the earth, we have to learn to manage our world, the importance of exploring exo planets to expand our knowledge and knowing other planets can give us clues about how manage ours, avoid disasters, avoid problems, know how to control climate factors, so that we do not end up in a merciless drought that devastates our crops or pollution problems that devastate our environment with our lands.

Knowing how to take care of our planet is the first step, because if we don't know how to take care of our planet, we don't know how to terraform the earth, it will be impossible to transform other planets, neither Mars nor Venus, none, if we don't know how to maintain life on ours, the less we can give life to others, - if we do not know how to cultivate our garden we will not be able to learn to cultivate another from others -.

Souce There are literally infinite worlds to discover

Once we achieve it, I am convinced that we will end up giving life to other worlds, of course dead worlds, if there is life in another world, however small it may be, that life on that planet is theirs, it is their merit, it is not ours; But there are a lot of sterile and dead worlds out there that humanity in the future, I hope so, will give life, spreading life throughout the universe I think it would be a beautiful destiny for humanity, it would be the greatest purpose.


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