The comet of the month of July.

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The comet of the month of July.

In the month of July we will see a comet called C/2017 K2 and it is curiously quite large, because well the typical comets have a couple of kilometers in diameter, this one is estimated to be 18 kilometers, it is not the giant comet that is has been talking about for a few months, this one is also quite respectable in size and it must also be a very "young" comet in the inner solar system.

The "young" thing means that its ice has not yet passed close to the sun for it to melt, because there are some comets that, passing many times close to the sun, end up melting the ice and end up becoming a pile of debris and rocks. In fact, some asteroids are thought to be the dead remnants of comets.

This in particular contains its ice at the melting point for when it approaches the sun and that will be in the month of December on December 19, 2022, it will approach the orbit of Mars, although the closest approach to the earth will be on July 14, that is why it is said that it is going to be the comet of the month of July, at that time it will be about 270 million kilometers from us and it will start to be visible.

Astronomers point out that it could reach a magnitude of 6, which is in the visible range, there is hope that it will be seen more intensely because it is a "young" comet, the last observations made on September 12, In 2020 it was discovered that the nucleus emitted two jet structures and also that the length of the tail in 2020 was already approximately 800,000 kilometers, so I think that in the end this comet may end up giving a nice show.

The data of the orbit of this comet that comes from the distant Oort cloud is 226 thousand years, so let's give it a good welcome remember that the last time it passed near the sun was in the ice age.

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