The accelerated expansion of the universe

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The accelerated expansion of the universe


That the universe is expanding is something that has been known for almost a century when the Belgian astrophysicist and priest George Lemaitre published in 1927 his work that he called the hypothesis of the primordial atom and the cosmic egg, which years later would begin to be known with the most popular name of Big Bang theory.


In Lemaitre's work, the origin of the universe is explained starting from a singularity, an initial point, well, although calling it a point would not be correct because even the smallest point has dimensions and a singularity has no volume, no dimensions and the density and curvature of space are infinite, from that singularity everything we know was formed or arose from the ordinary matter from which we are created to the dimensions of space and time and also everything that we do not know such as dark energy and dark matter.


It was an event that, according to the latest estimate, happened about 13.7 billion years ago, the process of going from a singularity to the immensity of the cosmos that we know as expansion, something that was studied by Edwin Powell Hubble and Milton Lasell Humason, both published their works in 1929 and these works ended up forging what some call Hubble's law and another Lemaitre's law, since the priest had published a study on the subject a few years earlier, it is one of the many controversies in the history of science, as a form of consensus the correct thing would be to speak of the Hubble-Lemaitre law.

This law is based on the observation of galaxies where it is verified that the further away they are, the faster they move away from us, it could be discovered by analyzing the light of the galaxies and the level of their displacement towards the red end of the visible spectrum, the more reddish turned out to be more distant and also moved faster away from us, although the correct thing would be to say that it moves away from everything.


In this expansion there is no center, we can imagine ourselves as beings that inhabit the surface of a balloon that is inflating, from our point of view everything seems to move away from us and the further away it is, the faster it seems to move away.

For decades it was thought that the expansion had a rate that was slowly decreasing due to the effect of gravitational attraction and that the process could even be reversed, causing the entire universe to refocus on a new singularity, but the issue took a turn in 1998 when it was found that the expansion was not slowing down, nor was it holding steady. but it was accelerating.


What produces the expansion has received the name of dark energy, we have not been able to observe it directly, nor do we know what it is, we only know the effect it produces, expanding the universe; we can also calculate how much there is and the universe is made up of approximately 68 percent dark energy, 27 percent dark matter, another great unknown by the way, and only 5% normal matter, which is what makes up everything we see and we know like the stars the planets and our bodies.

Seen this way, humans are made up of one of the rarest and scarcest substances in the universe, but the important thing is that the discovery of accelerated expansion tells us how the destiny of the universe we inhabit will be, with time the expansion would be so fast that it would be impossible to continue seeing other galaxies then we would stop seeing other stars and not only that, the accelerated expansion would not be forever, since some theorists affirm that it could give rise to a Big Rip or great tear, an end in which everything the universe from the stars to the atoms and subatomic particles and even space-time itself will be torn apart due to the pull of the expansion something that they have calculated can happen within about 20 billion years.

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! The truth will set us free and science is the one that is closest to the truth!


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