Technologies that will continue to advance in 2022.

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Technologies that will continue to advance in 2022.


New technologies will continue to influence our lives in various ways in 2022, indicating that the digitization and virtualization of companies and society will continue to increase the demand for sustainability, ever-increasing data volumes and faster computing speeds. of the network will reclaim their role as essential drivers of digital transformation this year.


The technology that helps you sleep.

In sillicon valley it has already become a trend, more and more people adopting a variety of technologies to optimize their sleep, in addition to maximizing their productivity and efficiency during waking hours.

These include sleep-tracking headbands and rings, soothing sound generators, mattress heating and cooling gadgets, and smart alarm clocks that wake you up at the right time.

In 2021 google launched a sleep tracking tablet that can be placed on the nightstand and in 2022 amazon is expected to do the same seems crazy, but let's remember that poor sleep has been linked to everything from heart disease to obesity .


Nutrition adapted to the individual.

In some cases diets are simply ineffective as evidence grows that each person's metabolism is unique so should their dietary choices.

Personalized nutrition, that is, applications that use machine learning algorithms to advise you to eat and when, as well as blood tests and gut microbiome, data on lifestyle variables such as exercise and blood sugar control in real time through coin-sized sensors attached to the skin.

Following a successful debut in the US, personalized nutrition companies intend to expand to other countries in 2022, some may seek regulatory clearance as therapies for diabetes and migraines.


Quantum computing

In the 90s it was just a concept that existed on blackboards, today it has become a multi-million dollar competition between governments, technology companies and startups, to use the counter intuitive characteristics of quantum physics to develop a new type of computer, It could outperform any non-quantum machine ever developed in various areas of mathematics, making calculations in cryptography, chemistry, and finance much faster.

The capacity of quantum computers is measured in quits, IBM expects to reach 433 cubits in 2022 and 1,000 cubits in 2023 reaching the famous quantum supremacy, however in this Chinese technological battle it has almost always been ahead and we hope to see how it is develops this fierce competition this year.


The metaverse.

The metaverse is a term coined by Neal Stephenson in his book Snow Crash in 1992 to describe a permanently virtual world that can be accessed through special glasses where individuals can meet, date, play games, buy, sell items, and much more. plus.

It will be used to describe the fusion of video games, social networks and entertainment in 2022 to create new immersive experiences, such as swimming inside your favorite song at an online concert, games like minecraft or blogs and fortnite are all springboards towards a new emerging medium for Seize the opportunity and to divert attention from your other problems Facebook has been rebranded as a goal.

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