State-of-the-art telescopes pick up strange signals

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State-of-the-art telescopes pick up strange signals

Humanity has in these moments the most modern equipment Telescopes in all its history, one of them is the Australia Telescope Compact Array is a state-of-the-art radio telescopes, its enormous facilities in which it consists of a matrix of six identical 22 plates meters in diameter each of 270 tons, five of them can be moved for observations along a three-kilometer railroad oriented from east to west.

Others is the Meerkat Radio Telescope in South Africa consists of 64 antennas, each one 13 and a half meters wide distributed in an area of ​​4 kilometers in diameter, the technological capacity of the two radio telescopes puts them at the forefront of the world, they had the highest sensitivity to be able to capture things that before could not be seen in the cosmos.

Proof of this is that they have captured these strange radio emissions from the galactic nucleus, but that may be the object, the source of this strange signal; astronomers for the moment rule out that it is the product of a flaming star because it should be accompanied by the emission of an X-ray emission, the same they have done with other rare stars and sources whose radio emissions are accompanied by X-ray emissions or bursts of gamma rays something that does not happen in the case of this new source.

The strange emission does share some properties with another type of mysterious signal captured near the center of the Milky Way and known as a transient radio source of the galactic center, three of these mysterious signals were identified in the 2000s and others are still pending. confirmation, but it did not happen to be a similarity in this case, it is not known what it is, it is a mystery, but as the fictional character Captain Kirk said of the interpreter, the unknown does not exist, only temporarily hidden.

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