Sounds on mars

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Sounds on mars


Baptiste Chide, a scientist from the Los Alamos National Laboratory, presented at the 53rd Conference on Planetary and Lunar Sciences held in Texas, USA. He recently presented the results of a study where it was possible to measure the speed of sound on Mars, Chide explained that he and His team used data from the sounds recorded last year by Perseverantes and recorded by the microphone of the Super Cam instrument installed at a height of 2 meters on top of the mast of the Mars rover.


Thanks to this device, they have managed to measure the speed of sound propagation on Mars, which was about 240 meters per second, and this is considerably less than the speed of sound on Earth, which is 340 meters per second. They also noticed that the Martian atmosphere Frequencies above 240 hertz propagate more than 10 meters per second faster than lower frequencies, due to differences in the mode of vibration of the carbon dioxide molecules during the absorbed absorption of the different sound waves.


It must be explained that the weak Martian atmosphere is basically composed of diodes, in fact it is almost all CO2, 95% of the entire atmosphere of Mars is CO2, with 3% nitrogen and then very small traces of oxygen and other gases and this produces a very strange effect on the sounds.

Fortunately or unfortunately we can't take off our helmet on Mars and not because we can't start talking there, since between the lack of oxygen and the very low pressure we would end up dead in a short time, but if we could do it our voices would sound very different from how sound on earth.


Link to listen to the audio

High-pitched sounds such as whistles, bells or bird songs could hardly be heard on Mars, everything would sound much more serious and scary.

NASA has created a web page where it puts several examples of how things sound on earth and how they would sound on Mars and we have some examples of sounds, such as birds with noise from the city, the bicycle bell, a Truck reversing , The waves of the sea, the moonlight piano classic or a child's greeting.

The NASA website also offers other sounds such as the sound of the Helicopter flying on Mars, the Rover Driving on Mars, the Wind on Mars or the Rover fluid pump; You can also test how your voice sounds on Mars, or any sound you want, the simulation will play it.

What strikes me the most is the sound of the waves, because on Mars there were seas in the past and if the composition was also basically CO2, then they would sound so strange, so serious, what do you think?

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