Security robot in the Ruins of Pompeii.

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Security robot in the Ruins of Pompeii.


This robot is working among the ruins of ancient Pompeii and also with a very practical authority; It is a robot dog from Boston Dynamics specifically, its name is Spot, it is a quadruped robot, it is being used in the service of archeology to safely inspect archaeological sites and structures in this ancient Roman city of Pompeii.

The objective of the managers of the Pompeii park is to use technological solutions but in this specific case it is going to be used for something very curious and important because it is going to be used to explore the underground tunnels made by illegal excavators, apparently there are many of them which are in the vicinity of Pompeii.

As you can imagine, these tunnels made by tomb robbers and treasure hunters have practically zero security and are a danger to anyone who gets into them, since they quickly end up looking for valuables and destroying many others of archaeological value along the way. robots could explore these tunnels more easily and without putting human lives at risk and what is even more interesting could reach places not explored by archaeologists that could have very important archaeological interest, they could be areas or reach chambers or discover places or tombs that were not known to exist and cannot be investigated right now because those tunnels are extremely dangerous.


Robots are occupying more and more utilities, more functions in our lives and some very interesting ones; what things this robot can discover, imagine exploring one of those underground chambers and finding a tomb, or a room, a room that was not previously known and that had been buried.

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! The truth will set us free and science is the one that is closest to the truth!


That is so interesting! Technology definitely can help us in so many ways, glad to see it do so in this case.


the imagination is the limited, I hope that everything is used for good...


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So cool! I always thought these dog robots where not going to be very practical, but it has been proven they are useful.

The next generation of robot explorers, be they of this type, has many more advantages walking than rolling, but it also spends more energy... Greetings.