Restart the Large Particle Collider.

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Restart the Large Particle Collider.


After three years of hiatus, the largest machine built by humans is turned on again, it is the Large Hadron Collider or LHC, now it is more powerful than ever, its ability to destroy protons has been improved.

On April 22, the protons have rotated again in this 27-kilometer-long ring located about 127 meters deep in the CERN particle physics laboratory, in Geneva, between the border of Switzerland and France.


The researchers started the accelerator's proton beams with relatively low energy, but will ramp up to collide protons with a planned record energy of 13 to 6 trillion electrovolts, surpassing the previous record of 13 trillion electrovolts.

When it reaches full speed the enhanced accelerator will pump out proton collisions more quickly than in previous runs, and these collisions will produce particles and phenomena that scientists have been studying.


Experiments at the LHC will begin to collect data this summer. Physicists will use these data to better understand the Higgs boson, which I have simply said is the origin of the mass of the rest of the elementary particles.

The researchers will also be on the lookout for anything new, whether it be strange particles or abnormal phenomena that conflict with the standard model of physics, and will also continue their quest to capture, if possible, dark matter, a mysterious substance that is four times larger. abundant than normal matter, the normal matter that we are made of, humans, planets, stars and what we see in the universe.

Unfortunately, dark matter is practically ghostly, because it doesn't interact with normal matter at all at the moment. The only known interaction is that this dark matter has gravity, and its gravity affects galaxies and the universe on a large scale.

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! The truth will set us free and science is the one that is closest to the truth!


This is exciting! We're in a crucial moment in scientific history regarding our understanding of "reality".

I recently read an article on the incredible results from the Tevatron collider in Illinois. Researchers measured the mass of the W boson and spent a decade analyzing the results, which showed the W boson is a little fatter than expected. If these results hold up, then our understanding of the universe needs to be rewritten. A mind-boggling result!

If physicists can’t find a problem with Kotwal and his team’s work, then the next step will be producing another measurement, which could come from three experiments at the LHC. “It’s the only collider with a high enough energy to create W bosons,” says Harry Cliff at the University of Cambridge. The LHC is gearing up for a new run this year after being offline since 2018, but Mulders says data collected for the CMS experiment during the previous run could yield a new W boson measurement by next year.

Particle physics could be rewritten after shock W boson measurement

That's right, I also wrote about it, that's good and bad, bad because it doesn't fit current theories and good because it opens other fields of research and new hypotheses, greetings.