Red dwarfs

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Red dwarfs


Red dwarfs are a very particular type of sun, generally all young stars are very stormy and are the ones that emit the most flares, especially if they are red dwarfs, for example, the closest star to us, Proxima Centauri, is one of these that have enormous plasma injections, bestial flares that embrace precisely the planet that orbits around Proxima.

There is a rocky planet similar in size to Earth, but unfortunately it is suspected that it is impossible for there to be life on it, because of these ejections or flares emitted by its star, red dwarfs are so unruly and stormy because they are practically very young.

A red dwarf can live more than 100,000 million years, the universe is not old enough to have seen a red dwarf die yet, in fact, it is not old enough to have seen the maturity of a red dwarf, that is the incredible capacity red dwarfs, almost all of them are in a Juvenile stage and therefore in a very stormy and disturbed stage.


A star when they enter a quieter stage, when they are older the stars also become more restful, the sun, which is a type of star other than a red dwarf, is much older, also in its youthful stage it had brutal flares and ejections, of In fact, it is one of the explanations given for the paradox of the cold sun.

There is a paradox that intrigued or continues to intrigue astronomers, including Carl Sagan, for example, and that is that, during the first hundreds of millions of years of the existence of the solar system, the sun was colder than it is in Today, it's getting warmer, it's getting brighter, but on a scale of hundreds of millions of years, it has nothing to do with climate change.

They calculate that within a billion years or a little less, life on earth will be impossible due to the increase in the temperature of the sun, the problem is that at the beginning of the solar system the sun was much colder than it is in the At present and therefore the earth should have been an icy planet, how is it possible that the data we have from that time of the primitive earth give us a figure of a much warmer climate, with water and with the capacity for life could arise thanks to these habitable conditions, it is the paradox of the cold sun.

It is believed that the Earth's atmosphere was perhaps denser at that time, therefore it retained more heat and it is also believed that the ejections and flares warmed the Earth more at that time, but it is a subject that is still under debate, it is a This is a subject that is quite mysterious, which needs to be investigated more because, among other things, it is difficult to obtain evidence from almost more than 4,000 million years ago.

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