Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

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Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, we want to know your opinion.

I have always thought and I have heard that more is learned from experiences, from what we feel, and not if we only did it from reading, or seeing; it is always good to do to learn; and the creators of these new technologies know that, which is why they have developed all these devices that increase sensory stimuli so that the viewer is immersed in it.

In this way you will live and feel what you are going to learn, in this sense I have always agreed on the educational part, the implementation of these new technologies facilitates learning; since it is difficult to do it in the real way.

What is the difference between VR and AR. Explain your answer.

As I understand the main difference between the two technologies is that in virtual reality people are immersed in a digital world, while in augmented reality digital aspects are incorporated into your real environment. To understand it better, virtual reality uses special glasses that immerse you, for example, in an ocean, you can turn your head and see the fish swimming, the technology detects the turn of the head and projects the image in that direction, and it is as if you were in that digital world; On the other hand, augmented reality uses either special glasses or your smartphone and incorporates digital fish in the place where you are, thus combining the real and the digital.

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In your opinion, can VR cause a risk to a person's health?

All this depends on the context where it is located, as it is a new technology, we do not know how to affect the human body in its entirety or certain people with certain conditions; A surgeon can operate on a patient with virtual reality and save his life without being present at the patient's side; On the other hand, an older person, with possible phobias or with some disorder, may be affected if they immerse themselves in an augmented reality with some filter, such as the man removing a virtual spider from his face.

In which areas is VR and AR applied? Give us your opinion.

In general, both VR and AR are applied to the world of entertainment, there are endless games that use Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality; but it can be applied to any area of ​​science, such as medicine, astrology, design, education, among others.

There is already talk of a mixed technology where you combine the best of the two technologies, we will see what applications will come out in different areas, but we must not forget that the real thing is better, that is where we come from.

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