Pills that extend the life of dogs

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Pills that extend the life of dogs

Una empresa va a sacar al mercado una pastilla que permitiría alargar la vida de los perros de razas grandes, y lo sacaran en este mismo año 2023, el producto se llama Loy- 001.

Su lanzamiento comercial sería en 2026, hay otro producto similar de esta misma empresa que es Loy- 001que se lanzará antes en 2024, ya que las pruebas por lo visto están más avanzadas, lo interesante de este tratamiento es que está basado en la epigenética.

Epigenetics are the mechanisms that regulate the expression or activity of genes, without causing a change in the DNA sequence that composes them. In other words, if genes were a large computer with multiple programs, epigenetics would be the keyboard that activates the gene function programs, and this is very important because how is it that all the cells in our body have the same DNA and yet some end up transforming into muscle cells, others into neurons, others into cells of the skin, others in liver cells or heart cells, and so on.

The mechanisms of epigenetics decide what each cell is transformed into and in what order and at what time it should do so, because that happens thanks to epigenetics, what it does is turn certain genes on or off, thus creating different combinations for them to form the different cells and also evolve and do different jobs.

This is very interesting when trying to rejuvenate organs or the entire body, because trying to do this rejuvenation procedure through genes is very complicated, modifying genes is something very complicated, which can cause many problems, however, modifying the molecules that activate epigenetics is much simpler than trying to modify genes.

This experience that only dogs are going to do can serve as an advance to do it on humans, we are talking about the ability to regenerate or rejuvenate organs or even the entire body, size in the animal kingdom is usually equivalent to longevity, to living more years , elephants and whales can live for about 70 years, a common mouse only two, but curiously in the world of dogs, the opposite happens.

The Saint Bernard dog, for example, which is huge and does not usually exceed 10 years, however, the Chihuahua reaches 15 without problems, - what is the reason? - Well, simply put, larger dogs die younger because they age faster, they age faster because they grow faster, and this can lead to an earlier incidence of tumors and other abnormal tissue developments, including cancer.

The projected pills could be a previous experience in the development of rejuvenating treatments, they would act on that aging, slowing it down or even being able to reverse it and that treatment could apply a similar treatment to humans for dogs.

Imagining being able to rejuvenate organs of the human body, having a heart or a liver not at 80 years old, but at 40 or 30, is something that epigenetics could do and if it can be done with a heart or a liver, it can also be extended to the other organs of the body.



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