Our messages to the cosmos

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Our messages to the cosmos

Souce Figure shown on vovayer disk 1

Two centuries ago no one knew what radio was and if a traveler from the future had exposed people from two centuries ago to radio technology they would have believed it to be magic, even scientists from ancient times who already had knowledge of electricity would Those scientists would have had a hard time believing that, thanks to electricity, sounds could be transmitted over long distances without the transmitter and receiver being connected.

So it may be that within two centuries there will be a technology that surpasses radio and that we are now completely unaware of, however, the ability to capture radio waves can be preserved in the most advanced civilizations and this detail is important, because in the same way So we can find a stone ax in an archaeological site and we can identify it as such, as a stone tool.

Souce Message sent from earth to space.

Perhaps no matter how advanced a civilization in the cosmos is, it can technologically locate our radio signals and identify us as a primitive civilization, yes, from their point of view; although I hope it does not identify itself as a promising civilization.

Taking into account that radio signals travel at the speed of light, the most likely thing is that if we catch one, it will be a fossil signal, a signal emitted thousands of years ago, here I have to clarify that we do not expect to catch the signal from any alien television, there will be no HBO or alien or alien netflix, like the music and news stations and the television signals that we broadcast into space end up degrading over distance, after a few tens of light years away they become so diffuse that they end up being blurred by the background radiation of the cosmos.

Souce Arecibo telescope before "collapse".

What we could capture are coming and powerful signals directed, for example, at spacecraft or launched into the cosmos like the ones humans have already sent, for example, the Arecibo message or the message sent in 2016 in the direction of the pole star. , a message sent by the deep space antenna of the European space agency located in Cebreros in the Spanish province of Avila.

The interstellar message in particular lasted 866 seconds and was part of the international project "a simple response to an elementary message", that's what it was called, well, that message is not expected to receive a response since the pole star is 431 light years from us, an answer is not expected in our time because it would take 862 years to arrive.

It was not about sending a request, rather the message was a compilation of solutions and experiences of our existence as humanity, it was like a message thrown into the cosmic ocean inside a bottle.


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