On the trail of the Endurance

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On the trail of the Endurance

The images that have been published have been shocking and exciting to me, it is about the lost ship of the explorer Shackleton lost in Antarctica, this ship was lost during the imperial expedition in January 1915.

The Endurance was trapped in the ice leaving Shackleton and his entire crew stranded, for 10 months he was trapped there; The ship was subject to the constant pressure of the ice, holding for 10 months, but on October 21, 1915, the ship could not withstand the pressure any longer and broke and part of it sank.


The way in which shackleton and his men escaped on foot and in lifeboats through the frozen wastelands of Antarctica, has become a legend because everyone ended up surviving to tell about it, a feat that lasted 22 months and now it turns out that They found the remains of the ship.

The sunken remains are located at a depth of about 3,000 meters in the Weddell Sea and are in extraordinary conservation conditions, at the head of the expedition called in during 22 is the British explorer Dr. John Shears who also led an expedition in 2019 .


Luckily for the explorers who have done this research who have done this search, the remains of the endurance were well located thanks to the fact that those responsible, those who were on the ship, recorded the exact location of where the ship had sunk.

Luckily endurance also sank and fell on a flat terrain that has not been disturbed by erosion or underwater landslide, it would have been much worse if it had fallen on a mountainous terrain with large cracks, it also has the advantage that the sediment deposition has been very low, it is believed that it has been only one millimeter per year and due to the depth there are no organisms that eat the ship's wood.

It has been at a depth of more than 3,000 meters for more than a century and they cannot remove it due to the agreements of the Antarctic Treaty that grant special protection to the shipwreck of the Durance22, it is considered a historical site and monument, therefore they cannot even remove a single piece of the ship, what those of the expedition can do is during22 is to take photos and take photographic records and data on how the ship is, but they cannot get anything out of it.

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