New record for China's artificial sun

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New record for China's artificial sun


China has set a world record of operation with its artificial sun, it is an EAST installation for "Tokamak Advanced Experimental Superconductor", the device fuses hydrogen atoms to convert it into helium, just like the sun does.


If China were to be obtained, they would have a practically unlimited source of clean energy, a few liters of water would suffice from which to obtain hydrogen atoms to fuse and thus obtain enough energy to supply an entire large city, although that would be the ideal goal. At the moment and while technology evolves, we may have to depend on more scarce elements such as tritium and deuterium, which are hydrogen isotopes, combined with helium 3, whose reserves on earth are very scarce, we would almost have to go find the moon or the asteroids.

The Chinese EAST achieved a previous record on May 28, 2021, reaching a plasma temperature of 120 million degrees Celsius for a time of 101 seconds, this is about 8 times hotter than the core of the sun, which reached about 15 million degrees Celsius and during those 101 seconds there were 20 during which it was possible to increase the temperature to 260 million degrees.


Last Friday, December 31, their researcher from the Institute of Plasma Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences met and who is in charge of the experiment, announced that they had reached a temperature close to 70 million degrees Celsius for 1056 seconds, which means a new milestone and a new record in the development of fusion technology.


They are colossal temperatures, cosmic temperatures there is no solid material in the universe capable of supporting them, so the trick to achieve these temperatures is to heat the plasma and keep it contained within a magnetic ring, that is what the Tokamak does, basically it is a machine of giant and ultra powerful magnets capable of containing the plasma inside a ring thanks to the magnetic forces and thus reaching the point to achieve the fusion of the atoms, this is the most difficult part because if we want a fusion reactor that generates energy we need to keep the plasma hot not for seconds or minutes but for weeks or months and of course achieve fusion without having to expend more energy than we extract from said fusion.


It is a difficult task in which scientists from all over the world are jointly engaged because China does not work alone, the great Asian nation is part of the international thermonuclear experimental reactor project ITER that is building a giant Tokamak reactor in the south of France in Cadarache.

It is a collaboration of 35 countries whose seven main members are China, the states of the European Union, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia and the United States, the iter is expected to begin operating in 2025 and that the dream of fusion energy becomes a reality in this very decade.

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Amazing technology. I wish we would spearhead these effors in the west. We're going to fall behind China.

That's right, we would solve a lot of energy-dependent things, I also hope the same.

As they do not realize that China is using other countries, serious mistake!

Epa cousin, many would think that, it creates a doubt about the role of each country in that project, who is really contributing more !!

This is really exciting stuff. I really enjoy your articles :)

ooh! thanks, that's good!!