New image of the asteroid Dimorphos

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New image of the asteroid Dimorphos


We have a new image, it is Dimorphos, which is the asteroid that suffered the impact with NASA's Dar Probe, with the intention of diverting it or rather cutting its orbit, since Dimorphos is 160 meters in diameter and orbits another way. of moon that is greater and called Didimos of 780 meters in diameter.

The question is what happened to the asteroid, did they manage to divert it, because we have a new image, which has been taken by the Soar telescope located in Chile and operated by NOIRLab, in it you can see the enormous bright trail that the remains of the asteroid are leaving asteroid that have been expelled by the crash, dust and rocks now more than a Dimorphic asteroid looks like a comet with a tail of debris that reaches 10,000 kilometers in length.


In the same vein, NASA has called a press conference for tomorrow, October 11, and it will report on the latest data from the Dart mission. NASA experts and members of the Italian space agency, since the Dart mission, in addition to the impact ship with the asteroid, carried a small ship that was in charge of flying over the two asteroids and taking images of the moments after the impact.

The conference will be in Washington, and can be followed by NASA TV, the results of the impact could be revealed, which delayed the orbit of the asteroid so much, as well as other data that they did not expect.

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