NASA bets on solar sails.

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NASA bets on solar sails.

A very ingenious concept to propel yourself through space is completely different from solar sails, which do not need to carry a motor or fuel, take advantage of a light pressure from solar radiation to obtain the impulse.

In addition to photons of solar origin, candles can be designed to take advantage of any other type of electromagnetic waves generated by human beings, such as lasers or microwaves.


Solar sails accelerate very slowly, but over time they can reach great speed and could sail forever at least until the sun goes out.

NASA has now selected an innovative solar sail project for Phase 3 study Under NASA's Advanced Innovative Concepts Program, Phase 3 aims to strategically transition concepts with the greatest potential impact to NASA, other government agencies or business partners.


Solar sail designs are often very large and very thin, and just as boat sails are limited by wind direction, solar sails are limited by direction of sunlight, forcing trade-offs between power and navigation, but this new solar sail has a very special feature, since it would use small grids embedded in thin films in order to take advantage of a property of light called diffraction.

This property causes light to spread out when it passes through a narrow opening and this will allow spacecraft equipped with this new sail to make more efficient use of sunlight, without sacrificing maneuverability.

Future space sails could be used to explore the solar system and from NASA and point to the poles of the sun as a possible target.

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Hopefully, this new technology will help us to achieve further places in the galaxy!! Thanks for bringing the news


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