Moon rabbit

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The super power of humans.


The moon has always fascinated us since time immemorial; but we hardly recognize the dark side (the image above), because whenever we see it it is the livable side from the ground, the side of the rabbit is always shown.


The moon rabbit is something that Asian cultures such as Chinese, Korean and Japanese share with American cultures; Because completely isolated ancient cultures such as Asians and Americans have the myth of the rabbit on the moon in their folklore, because people separated by the largest ocean, the Pacific, saw the same little animal on the dark basaltic surfaces of the moon.


For the same reason that people see this and imagine a hut, a cube, a soccer goal or a Soviet probe, because humans recognize patterns, pattern recognition is one of the few things we can still do better than intelligences. Artificial plants, good for the moment, for example, if from afar we can identify by the foliage of a plant if it is one that can provide us with food, we do not have to go there to find out, thus saving valuable energy or if visual clues of that there is a crouching predator we can run away and have a better chance of survival. The powerful way in which we can synthesize visual information, in forms and abstract them also allows us to communicate them, give them meaning and turn them into symbols, opening the possibility that knowledge lasts beyond oral tradition, which is passed from individual to individual and that is the origin of language that has brought us to the place where we are now, we are primates who know a lot we know what our primate ancestors knew at least some things and thus new knowledge is built on the foundations of the previous one.


A curious side effect of this magnificent tool that we have is that we are so good at recognizing patterns that sometimes we find them where there are none, a cloud in the shape of a puppy is not a representation of a puppy the puppy is in your head, your brain is so good at processing visual information and recognizing patterns in it that before you think about it your brain says puppy, even if it is a completely arbitrary set of water condensation droplets in the atmosphere.


Although this handful of pixels may make us think that there is something extraordinary there, the truth is that it is not uncommon to find large rocks exposed by impacts on the surface of the moon, but there are people who are excited to see one huge rock exposed on the surface of the moon, they are called astro geologists in fact this rock became the new object of study of the jade rabbit 2 that will travel the distance of 80 meters to the rock in about three months to study it closely, when I get there maybe that rock can tell us something we didn't know about the moon.

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! The truth will set us free and science is the one that is closest to the truth!


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