Looking for fossils of the solar system

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Looking for fossils of the solar system


A new spacecraft was launched from Cape Canaveral with the mission to discover the past of our solar system, the Lucy probe and will go to the orbit of Trojan asteroids, these asteroids revolve around the sun in two swarms with a group in front of the planet Jupiter and another behind him.


NASA scientists say that the objects are remnants of the formation of planets, Lucy will use her instrumentation to study objects the size of a city and even larger, detailing their shape, structure, surface characteristics, composition and temperature .


Lucy will make her encounter with the leading swarm of Trojans in 2027 and 2028, followed by another tour in 2033, the total distance of the journey is more than six billion kilometers, Lucy represents another stage in what is becoming an age gold for the study of asteroids by NASA.


The OSIRIS-REx mission has just returned home after collecting samples from the surface of an object known as Bennu and next year NASA will launch the Psyche spacecraft at a metallic asteroid, also called Psyche.


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