"Liquid Water" on Mars

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"Liquid Water" on Mars

The Zhurong Rover from China that was exploring Mars, I say was exploring because apparently it has not survived the cold of Mars Winter and is currently considered lost, but it has collected a lot of data, and one of the latest data that has collected and that has allowed thanks to a study carried out by Chinese researchers from the Institute of Geology and Geophysics of China and the Academy of Sciences, is to discover the existence of "liquid water" in the dunes of Mars.

In quotes because liquid water cannot stay on the surface of Mars today, but the frost or snow that falls on the surface of the moons contains salt, and that salt can form very salty droplets that stay at least a short time.

It is known from the analysis that they have made of the dunes of Mars, since when these salty droplets evaporate they create a crust, a characteristic structure of polygonal ridges, a trace that for a geologist is identifying that there were droplets of water there, that is important because it shows that there is water or at least moisture in low-lying low-latitude areas of Mars far from the poles.

At the poles we know that there is water, frozen water within the polar ice of Mars, but finding water in low latitudes in more temperate latitudes and more minutes to install a base, that was something that was doubtful, now with this research it is demonstrated that water is more abundant than previously thought.


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