James Webb Pictures Aren't All That Real

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James Webb Pictures Aren't All That Real

A couple of weeks ago the best images of James Webb were published that are really beautiful, the vast majority of us were fascinated, but observe in some social networks comments such as "the images are false" that are generated by a computer and that they do not represent reality .

And actually they are right, in a certain way, for example, the colors they show are not real, they are assigned by artists, astronomers or astronomy professionals, who process the black and white images that are not so showy, with the purpose to differentiate different wavelengths that are used for scientific research.

So in a certain way it is a representation of the data captured because for many years we stopped paying attention to our senses and began to see beyond them; the colors they show aren't there the James Webb can't see visible light colors all it picks up is in the infrared spectrum which is invisible to our eyes and much longer than the visible light spectrum but it uses different filters to we capture different wavelengths or colors and we assign colors to each one to better understand the image.

In fact, since the data sent by the telescope is in the public domain, any "neighbor's son" can download and process it to create his own version of the images that he likes best, and that is the case with any space telescope.

If you have the time and resources (a good computer) you can do it, first go to https://mast.stsci.edu/ and download the data in graphic file formats and process it yourself with a good image editor , there are free.

You can assign colors to graphic files depending on the wavelength, the largest being red which is the color with the widest wavelength that James Webb can see, it's like giving color to light that we can't see , seeing it with colors we understand it more easily.

In conclusion, the images are originally black and white in grayscale, using different filters that will let a specific wavelength of light through, but to be recorded in black and white images, we get several with various filters and then we can produce a color image, and I repeat this is completely fictitious because none of the colors that we are seeing there correspond to what we would see if we were there because what the telescope takes is a pure infrared spectrum, it is invisible to us.

For example, the nebula itself does emit visible light and that has already been taken by Hubble, but it has nothing to do with how it was captured and processed, it is simply a representation with colors so that we can understand the diversity of tones or wavelengths in the infrared spectrum anywhere in the universe.


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