Hunting for a Comet

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Hunting for a Comet


The European space agency and OHB, a European multinational technology corporation headquartered in Bremen Germany, have signed a contract to go ahead with the design and construction of the ambitious commet interceptor spacecraft, scheduled for launch in 2029.

It may sound strange, but unlike other missions, the interceptor is not designed to travel to a known object, but to one that has not yet been discovered, because the idea is that the ship is ready and waiting for a million and a half kilometers behind the earth as seen from the sun.

It would be lurking at Lagrangs point 2 if the same point where the James Webb Space Telescope is, there the spacecraft the interceptor would wait for a fresh new comet to arrive from the great Oor Comet cloud, this great cloud circles the solar system well beyond Neptune and Pluto; Until now, the other missions that have visited comets, such as the Rosetta or Giotto mission of the European space agency or the NASA startups mission, but they were short-period comets, that is, comets that have passed several times close to the Sun and therefore its materials have been altered by heat and solar radiation.


What they want to do now is to analyze a primordial comet, an original remainder of the formation of the solar system 4,600 million years ago. According to researchers from the European space agency, having access to this material is vital to understanding our origins in terms of how it was Our solar system formed and evolved over time, so the goal is to hunt down a primordial comet, but pay attention because here is the most interesting part of the statement from the European space agency.

They want to hunt for a primordial comet or an Interstellar object. Because if there is an opportunity to locate an Interstellar object that is believed to enter the solar system every year and that object enters the area of the rocky planets as happened with oumuamua, this ship, this commentary interceptor would be ready to go after you.

The mission consists of three modules, a main spacecraft and two probes, the waves will separate days before the intersection, with the aim of making simultaneous observations from multiple angles creating a 3D profile, something that would be novel to be able to study a comet or an interstellar object.

Official website

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It is a very fascinating mission. I wish they would focus on hunting interstellar objects, which might potentially be alien space crafts. One study indicated that there might be 4 quintillion spacecrafts flying around in our galaxy. So, we should hunt for those, as soon as possible. Another study concluded that if there's life out there, there might be 4 'malicious' civilizations who might want to do us harm. The faster we learn how to detect extra-solar objects, the safer we'll be.

Thank you for this great article.

Thank you very much...

The primary objective of the principal is to capture interstellar objects and whatever comes their way...


Yes, they're looking for interstellar and local (Oort cloud) objects. I hope that when they refine their methods, they can focus on stuff from other stars and ignore the local objects. It's a great mission.

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