Heat transfer improvements

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A solution for saving energy.


The energy crisis, saving energy is one of the great challenges of humanity, to overcome it new technological solutions are needed and not one but multiple solutions and in various fields.

Recently a group of scientists from the MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology has come up with a solution, since they have developed a material that accelerates the boiling process to heat water, this advance can lead to enormous savings in electricity production plants.


To think that almost all power plants are basically steam engines, whether burning coal, oil gas or even in nuclear power plants, what is done is to create heat to transform water into steam and make the electricity generation turbines move. Therefore, a material that manages to heat more quickly would mean an enormous saving of resources.


The MIT scientists discovered that the key was in the bubbles that form in boiling water, many bubbles are bad, since they can merge creating a film on the boiling surface that presents a resistance to heat transfer and therefore a resistance that the water heats up.

This effect is similar to what happens in a viral video that you may have already seen, where a man puts his hand in cast iron, this is achieved because before he put on a wet glove, the water soaks his hand and on contact with the cast iron produces a layer of steam that momentarily insulates the skin, but don't even think about doing this, it's not easy the protagonist of the video is Armenian and he is an expert worker in a steel mill.


The MIT scientists solved the problem by controlling the number of bubbles so that they are adequate and they did this by creating a material with a structure of points that form micro and Nano holes, from those points, from those holes bubbles arise but with the new structure they do it in an orderly manner and in the right amount, this is what will allow us to create more efficient power plants that save energy and also allow us to cook much faster.

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