Hazardous asteroid criteria.

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Hazardous asteroid criteria.


The asteroid that will pass closest to us this week is called 2022 NM1, it is very small, the size of a truck, it measures 95 to 21 meters in diameter and its closest approach will be about 357 thousand kilometers from us, that is less than the distance that separates us from the moon.


Although the specific asteroid that I have mentioned passes less than seven and a half million kilometers from us, which is as if it were the earth's security area, NASA would not include it within the concept of potentially dangerous, which is something what is seen in the media; “potentially dangerous asteroid skims the earth”


To enter that category, in addition to passing less than seven and a half million kilometers from us, it must be more than 100 meters in diameter, it is a criterion that I personally do not like very much, because for example the small asteroid of about 18 to 20 meters that exploded over Shilabis in Russia in 2013, injuring some 1,500 people and causing millions of dollars in damage.


Another example is the Barringer crater in Arizona, the meteor crater also sometimes called, it is caused by a comet of about 50 meters in diameter although it is true that it was metallic and that is why it was more dangerous and caused this enormous crater of one kilometer and a half in diameter; but good is the border that nasa has set for this category of qualifying them as potentially dangerous; they have to pass within 7.5 million kilometers of the earth and have at least 100 meters in diameter.

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I recently saw quite a few documentaries about the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs. It was a real "hell" on Earth.

Yes, that's right, to be what it is today, the earth had to go through very intense geological stages.

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