GPT Chat, Almost Human Artificial Intelligence

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GPT Chat, Almost Human Artificial Intelligence


Chat GPT is a chatbot, that is, a robot trained by artificial intelligence to converse with you, understand what you are saying and answer your questions, but this is not just any chatbot, unlike its previous versions it can understand us, even if we use a language very natural, he understands the context of what you are talking about and during a conversation he is able to remember what you talked about before and in this way you can ask him follow-up questions.

If you are not convinced by the answer, you ask the question in a different way and GPT chat will remember what you were talking about, so it is not necessary to explain all the context again, it does all this very similar to how a person would do it, so we are coming to the point where a person chatting with GPT chat might not realize that they are not a human.


Initially I tried it, but currently the service is very saturated, and you don't get to try it; It only shows phrases generated by it, I imagine it is due to the great demand that this chatbot has at the moment due to the boom in novelty.

The chatbot database or knowledge for which it was trained reaches 2021 and it does not have internet access, so if you want more recent information it will not answer it, you have to provide a more precise and verified question before that date.

From what I've seen, the chatbot is easy to use and gives you a very specific and easy-to-understand answer. You can make your queries in English and it's Spanish; The downside is that you don't know where he got his information from and many times he will tell you a lie, that if you don't have the concern to check it elsewhere, it will be the answer you keep.


My advice is not to use GPT chat to answer you important questions and if you do check the answers elsewhere AND definitely don't use it for math problems.

In the chatbot's own words: “I am a large-scale language model trained by Open IA and designed to provide accurate and useful answers to questions on a wide range of topics, my goal is to help you better understand the material and solve your tasks, but it is important that you remember that my answers should not be used as a substitute for your own work and critical thinking, it is always important to do your own research and verify the veracity of the information you use to solve your tasks and make decisions.

This Artificial Intelligence accepts that it can be wrong and that you should not substitute your own work and creativity with its answers,

Among the additional capabilities of the chatbot, it can compose poems and songs for you, and program in different languages; Open IA the company that created GPT chat has warned that code written via GPT chat should not be trusted to be correct, at best it could be used to save you time as long as you give the code a look so that it doesn't bring bugs and I think this extends to the rest of the various tasks that this chatbot can perform.

He is very nice and eloquent, but he is very wrong and cannot be used to replace human creativity yet.

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