First Quantum Teleportation of Bits.

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First Quantum Teleportation of Bits.


In Europe, an achievement has been achieved in terms of quantum teleportation, researchers at the QuTech institute in the Netherlands have managed for the first time to transfer quantum bits in a network from one node to another, without having a direct connection, although for this it was used a third to facilitate their interlacing.

This advance that has been published in the scientific journal "nature" represents an important step towards the future quantum internet, to send Qubits or information in a quantum network there are two methods, one would be by cable, that is, send the information in the form of quantum bits through light particles, but fiberglass cables are not perfect and the greater the distance, the greater the probability that a light particle and with it the information will be lost.


The other method is from the news that these researchers from the Netherlands have applied is that of teleportation, it is very similar to the teleportation of science fiction movies, the Qubit disappears on the emitter side and appears on the receiver side , since it does not go through intermediate space, it does not suffer from interference and cannot be lost.

This is achieved through quantum entanglement, which Albert Einstein called spooky action at a distance, because it was a phenomenon that instantly linked two particles regardless of how far apart they were and without there being a connection between them, something that seemed spooky to Einstein.

The scientists achieved this with three basic nodes, named Alice, Bob and Charlie, they were connected online by optical fibers and a direct connection between those who were neighbors, Alice and Bob were connected and Bob and Charlie were connected on the other side, so the plan was how to get charlie to connect with alice without counting on his friend bob.

This quantum trio problem was solved in three steps, for this the most important step was to prepare the teleporter which meant creating an entangled state between Alice and Charlie, these do not have a direct physical connection as we have said before, but both are directly connected to Bob, then Alice and pop create an interlocked state between their processors, Bob stores some of his interlocked state, and then interlocks with Charlie as well.

Then through a special measurement in his processor Bob sends the entanglement in such a way that Alice and Charlie were entangled and the carrier tea was ready to operate.


This is one more step on a fundamental path since quantum teleportation will have very important potential applications in secure communications, quantum computing and the development of the next generation of the internet.

30 years ago, computers had less power than a typical smartphone today, internet connection was rudimentary, and video games were sketchy compared to what they are today, so imagine what communications, video games, commerce, and computers 30 years from now when quantum technology is in full swing and in common use, he imagines charging bars will be history.

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