Faults with more potential to generate earthquakes and tsunamis.

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Faults with more potential to generate earthquakes and tsunamis.


A study presented in August leads us to the Strait of Gibraltar in the Mediterranean, to the Mar de Albarán, there a work was carried out led by researchers from the Higher Council of Scientific Research who have discovered a type of fault with more potential to generate coastal tsunamis than what it was believed until now.

The work was published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports " analyzes the active jump in direction or tear fault of Averroes, located in the Alboran Sea and shows the nearby coastal areas that could be affected by the arrival of waves of such a tsunami as the magnitude that the flood could reach. "


Tsunamis are generated by sudden movements, but in general where there are geological faults, in normal and inverse faults the earthquake does is raise or lower the ground, this alteration turns a large mass of water up and down, and is what originates the wave of a typical tsunami, while the tear faults move laterally, the movement occurs along, without a change in the height of the ground and therefore, the water level neither rises nor falls, consequently, tsunamis should not occur.

But according to the study, the Averroes fault has a vertical jump of up to 54 meters at its extreme North-West, which could cause an earthquake of magnitude 7 as occurred in the past, thanks to geological studies and historical records there is a greater compression of the fault and by means of mathematical models, the team of researchers simulated the behavior of the water masses of the Alboran Sea in the event of a new Tsunami.


What they discovered puts densely populated sectors on alert, affecting populations on the southern coast of Spain (Balerma) and northern Morocco, the waves could reach a height of 6 m reaching coastal populations between 21 and 35 minutes, this makes them obsolete the early warning systems, because of this the researchers ask to re-evaluate the alerts to protect the population and to know what to do in the event of a threat of a tsunami.

Unfortunately we cannot yet predict when one will occur, but we can put measures in place and plan warning systems to minimize possible damage, because what is clear is that the earth is still moving and sooner or later another earthquake with a tsunami will happen. maybe a century from now, or a year from now, or maybe tomorrow but that's when the time comes that it always finds us ready.

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