Exoplanet explorations in alpha centauri.

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We are the first generation to discover exoplanets


Our vehicle steals most of it is the alpha centauri system located one 4.3 years away from our distances and composed of similar similar stars in the sun, but one more red than the orbits from a great distance.

Up to 10 years ago NASA designed the special SIM interferometry mission, with the aim of detecting planets as small as three terrestrial masses including more small ones without embargo, the mission canceled due to financial problems in 2010.


Here is no mention of the world's search in this system, in 2012 the existence of a planet around alpha centauri B was announced, but in 2015 a new analysis concluded that in reality a fall or as astronomers' artifact.

In 2013, the transit of a possible extraterrestrial planet was observed and it was confirmed that there would be a little bit more than the earth, although orbiters were exposed near the star because it is possible that there is a very high temperature with low lava flows.


More luck has been had with the nearby red dwarf, it is known that it has a nearby tiny centauri b exoplanet, it is slightly larger than the earth 11.7 times larger, it is the closest planet to the solar system and orbits its star in the habitable zone , unfortunately being a red dwarf and therefore a small star and colder than the sun means that the habitable zone is very close to the star, so the planet must be anchored by the tidal forces always showing the same face the star in a similar way to what happens to the moon with respect to the earth.

And there is another little problem, and that is that this particular red dwarf suffers very violent eruptions that can calcine its planet, so although this world is still considered potentially habitable, it is very doubtful that life could not have arisen, so minus life as we know it.


All these planets discovered and to be discovered in alpha centauri will be the first planets to be explored by humanity, at first robotic probes and ships manned with robots will do so, and hopefully they will find a rocky planet similar to ours, containing water and a suitable atmosphere.

But we still do not have the technology to send ships with humans to the stars in a reasonable time, it may take centuries until the time comes when we have that capacity, but what we can do now is discover those new worlds and when it arrives. The moment we have ships that can travel to them, navigators will remember the discoveries we have made in our era because we belong to the first generation in human history of discoverers of those planets.

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