Every civilization develops along with its energies.

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Every civilization develops along with its energies.


Nikolai Kardashev was an astrophysicist, and he proposed a scale in 1964 that sought to classify the civilizations that we could find in the universe and also classify in some way the levels of civilization that humanity could reach, because surely each civilization will have cultures and concepts of unique and different ethics, some may be so strange that they seem completely incomprehensible to us, but there is something that all the cultures and civilizations of the universe and the future civilizations of humanity will have in common and that is the need to consume energy.

This was understood by Nikolai Kardashev in 1964 when he published an article that had a quite unusual title for the time, it was called transmission of information by extraterrestrial civilizations, in this article the optimal transmission parameters were determined to establish interstellar communication and it also showed how it could be the spectrum of an artificial radio source to differentiate that of natural sources, this work is one of the first that gave rise to what is now done to search for radio signals using radio telescopes, extraterrestrial radio signals.

Within the other article was what is now known as the Kardashev scale in which possible extraterrestrial civilizations were divided into three categories, based on their ability to produce and consume energy.

Energy obviously gives power to create and with it you can modify the environment to make it more beneficial for living beings, you can undertake exploration trips, colonize or carry out research that provides new advances, the more energy the greater the capacity of any civilization. , is what happened to us humans when we discovered fire, we went from depending on a purely animal source of energy, the one that provided us with food and our muscles, to having a new source of energy that provided us with the fire that It gave heat, it allowed us to cook and later it allowed us to melt metals and thus we have been discovering new sources of energy and using them to create more and more things, progress and advance.

Humanity has not yet classified on the first scale according to the types of civilization that we can find on the Kardashev scale, because in type 1 it would be a civilization capable of using all the energy resources available on its planet, in this case the earth, we are speaking of producing an amount similar to that which can be obtained from natural sources and specifically the estimate calculated by scientists corresponds to all the energy that the earth receives from the sun.


Humanity has not yet reached that level and that is why Carl Sagan calculated that we were still at 0.7 of that 1 of which would be in the total energy that the earth receives from the sun, how could we reach type 1, since developing fusion energy, the energy obtained from current nuclear power plants is Fusion, which means splitting atoms, this type of energy has two problems, the first is the production of very dangerous radioactive waste and the second is the limited amount of available fuel mainly uranium, there is enough uranium to supply the world nuclear park for only 120 years.

Although there are technologies under development to take advantage of other fissile elements such as thorium that produce less radioactive waste and are relatively more abundant than uranium, although their reserves would also end up being depleted in a few centuries, on the contrary, fusion energy consists of reproducing the activity which is generated inside stars by fusing atoms, ideally hydrogen atoms, although there are processes where hydrogen atoms are fused with helium atoms,

This particular fusion is with the famous helium 3, famous because there is a lot of helium 3 on the moon, but very little on earth, this fusion energy source has two enormous advantages, the first is that it produces much less hazardous waste and the second is that hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, on earth we find it in water and its reserves could supply energy to humanity for millions of years.

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