Earthquakes are bad luck.

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Earthquakes are bad luck.


On September 19 there was an earthquake in Mexico, a date that coincides with two other great earthquakes, one in 1985 and one in 2017, it is normal for that coincidence to occur, on the same date, in the same country, from the outset we must remember that Mexico is a large nation its area is equivalent to that of the united kingdom, france, germany, italy and spain combined.

In addition, Mexico is in one of the most seismic zones on the planet, it is one of the main links in the Pacific ring of fire, so in addition to all the earthquakes we also find significant volcanic activity, in the historical record and thousands of earthquakes. , several hundred of great magnitude, the year only has 365 days, so what is strange would be to find a day in which one or more tremors did not occur.


There are no cursed days, nor negative energies that activate an earthquake, because I have heard many Mexicans, who say that they are bad energies, and also suggest not doing earthquake drills because it attracts them.

What I am sure of is knowing how much energy is needed to trigger an earthquake, which is enormous energy, those with scales greater than 6 release energy hundreds of times greater than the Hiroshima atomic bomb, for example, the 7 earthquake September 2017 off the coast of Chiapas in Mexico, it was also magnitude 8.2 to move those millions of cubic kilometers of rock from the tectonic plates, an energy equivalent to the explosion of 32 thousand atomic bombs such as that of Hiroshima.


This data was given by the College of Geologists of Mexico and that is the power that an earthquake can release, humans are not pure energy, I wish we were energy, then there would be no problem recharging the cell phone or making any electronic device work just with think about it, this way of thinking is dangerous.

Unfortunately earthquakes cannot yet be predicted, I am sure that one day we will reach that technological capacity, although obviously it will not be thanks to charlatans, fortune-tellers or prophets, but to the work of geologists and other branches of science, meanwhile What needs to be done is educate and inform the population and train them through drills.

Drills save lives, we have the example of Japan, because there is a reality, a cruel reality, and that is that the countries that do not carry out drills and that do not take security measures in their buildings and infrastructures are also the countries that suffer the highest number of deaths. and injured in the event of an earthquake.


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! The truth will set us free and science is the one that is closest to the truth!


I hope his most recent earthquake did not cause too much damage.

No, they have not suffered damage, only the scare because the Mexicans are preparing for it.

You need to have a powerful force to shake the ground for making damage!

This is nature, it moves with the minimum amount of energy, but when it does it is huge!


We are a small player on this planet.

Yay! 🤗
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