Discovered a very different exoplanet


Discovered a very different exoplanet

A new discovery of an exoplanet that has been made from Mexico, has been through an international team of researchers who have discovered an exoplanet that is larger than Earth, but smaller than Neptune and that is in the habitable zone of its system. planetary.

SAINT-EX observatories

The discovery was made thanks to the observations made from Mexico by the SAINT-EX observatories, this observatory is named in honor of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the famous writer, poet and creator of the work the little prince and also an aviator.

This space center is also directed by Mexican researchers from the national center of research competence and also researchers from the University of Bern, the new planet this new world is called TOI-2257 orbits a red dwarf star, red dwarf stars are smaller and colder than the sun.

Researchers from the Institute of Astronomy of the National Autonomous University of Mexico have published an illustration of what this world would look like and it is the one shown above, the exoplanet falls into a category that does not exist in the solar system, it would be a mini Neptunes, that they are a type of worlds that are larger than the super earths, the super earth would be planets like the earth but of a larger size and that are smaller than Neptune.

It is believed that they are very gaseous worlds, in fact this world is 2.2 times larger than that of the earth and it is supposed to be quite gaseous with high atmospheric pressure which would not be conducive to life, the year in this world it lasts 35 days, its orbit around the star is not circular, it is very eccentric, in fact it is the most eccentric planet that orbits a star of this type and all these data are not good news for the habitability of the world that has just been discovered because although the average temperature is pleasant, the variations are enormous and make this world go from an average of minus 80 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius, a brutal variation.

According to the researchers, this strange orbit may be due to the presence of a giant planet that has not yet been discovered, they hope that future observations will help to discover that world or those worlds that are now hidden, this exoplanet could be a magnificent candidate for the james webb investigates its atmosphere, perhaps he can discover the presence of water vapor in it and provide more data on mini-neptune-type worlds or a type of really intriguing worlds that I already say do not exist in our solar system and that they are a thing intermedia that in principle would not be fit for life, but nothing is ruled out, at least they would not be fit for life as we know it.


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