Discover large amounts of water on Mars

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Discover large amounts of water on Mars


The orbiter is ExoMars from the European space agency and the Russian agency Roscosmos has detected significant amounts of water ice in the heart of the spectacular system of canyons on Mars known as Valles Marineris.

The frozen water is hidden under the surface was found by the FREND instrument of the Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) 's that is mapping the Martian hydrogen and in this way being able to know the water content on the Martian surface, although it is known that The water exists on Mars, most of it is found in the cold polar regions of the planet in the form of ice.


The water ice is not exposed on the surface near the equator since the temperatures in the equatorial regions are not cold enough for the exposed ice to be stable, that is, as soon as they gave it a little the sun would evaporate, without eventually transform into liquid water, since unfortunately the atmospheric pressure on Mars is too low for that to happen.


The new finding indicates that the canyons of the Marineris Valley and assuming that the hydrogen that has been detected is bound to water molecules, it would turn out that 40 percent of the material near the surface in that region appears to be water ice, forming something much like what we see in permafrost regions on earth, such as northern Siberia, where water ice persists permanently under dry soil due to constant low temperatures.


The area that has been detected would be roughly the size of the Netherlands which is about 41,500 square kilometers and that area overlaps with the deep valleys of Candor Chaos, part of the canyon system that is considered a promising place in the search for water on mars.


The find also makes Valle Marineris a promising target for future human exploration missions to the red planet, this is the largest canyon in the solar system and arguably the most dramatic landscape on Mars, often compared to the Grand Canyon of the colorado even though the Martian canyon is about 10 times longer and 5 times deeper.

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