Discover a totally oceanic world.


A world with a global ocean.

An international team of researchers led by Charles Cadieux from the University of Montreal in Canada has discovered an exoplanet called TOI-1452 b, being a very special planet because it orbits one of the two stars of a binary system.

This world is about 100 light years away in the direction of the Draco constellation, the exoplanet is a being that is 70% larger in size and mass than the earth and is within the habitable zone of its system, it is In other words, it receives a suitable temperature so that it is neither too hot nor too cold, but the most interesting thing in this case is that the researchers believe that it could be an oceanic world, a world such as the planet on the way from the Star Wars saga.

The planet is covered with oceans, which could contain life, and it is not the only one that has been discovered in this sense, the images are illustrations because it has been discovered based on data based on the transit method, it is usually put in illustrations because it is the artistic interpretation that is made of all the data that is collected, it could have this aspect shown perfectly covered with a thick layer of water.

The researchers compare it to the moons of Jupiter and Saturn, although in this case it would not be as cold as those moons that have an icy crust, the surface of TOI-1452 b would be a huge liquid ocean, the exoplanet orbits the largest star in the system , although this star is much smaller than our sun, the other star is also small and is at a distance of 97 astronomical units, which is approximately the distance that separates the sun from Pluto, it is a fairly large distance and the star is quite small, which means that in this world you may not have two suns in your sky, although you would see the second sun as a very bright star.

The researchers reached this conclusion due to the density of the exoplanet, the earth is a fairly dry planet, that is, it seems that having approximately 70% of the surface covered by water it should be called ocean, but in reality the water only represents on earth less than 1 percent of the earth's mass, in other worlds such as the moons of Saturn and Jupiter, the percentage of water is much higher.

In recent years astronomers have identified and determined the radius and mass of many exoplanets between the size of Earth and Neptune and when they have calculated the density of these worlds they have found that some of them have a strange characteristic density that it can only be explained if a large fraction of its mass is made up of lighter materials than those that make up the internal structure of the planet and in this case that lighter material should be water, it can be other light substances, but we are talking in this case of a planet that is in a habitable zone with more pleasant temperate temperatures, so the substance that can explain that density is water, that is why these worlds have been called oceanic worlds, they are worlds where the percentage of water could be 10 or 20 times greater than the one that exists on earth and that could be covered by an endless global ocean with more than 100 kilometers of depth.

The researchers cannot confirm one hundred percent that TOI-1452 b is an oceanic planet, but for all the clues they have, it indicates so, but what they also say is that this world would be a perfect candidate for further observation in detail thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, as it is also one of the few known temperate exoplanets that exhibits characteristics consistent with an ocean planet and is close enough to Earth for researchers to study its atmosphere to test this hypothesis, hypothesis that this world is a world with a global ocean.

Official website Université de Montréal

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