Cosmonauts in distress

Cosmonauts in distress

Leak from the Soyuz spacecraft

Russian cosmonauts Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitri Petelin were preparing to carry out extravehicular activities, that is, outside the safety of the space station, in their cosmonaut suits.

But just before it came out, a liquid began to sprout in the form of droplets from one end of the Soyuz spacecraft attached to the station, many droplets from the same ship that carried the two cosmonauts and astronaut Frank Rubio to the space station last September.


The Soyuz spacecraft docked at the International Space Station

The liquid was the refrigerant used to cool the ship's cabin both while it is traveling and when the space station is docked inactive, refrigeration is important not only to keep the navigation computers at the right temperature, but also for the crew to travel at a comfortable temperature.

The scheduled spacewalk was obviously canceled and the coolant leak continued for hours until it was completely drained, despite the beautiful sight outside, the inhabitants of the space station could not see it through the windows as they had to close external sections on them to prevent coolant drops from staining the glass, compromising visibility, cleaning it would be a little more complicated than cleaning a windshield.

Souce Sergei Krikalev Executive Director of RosCosmos Manned Space Programs

Fortunately, this coolant does not represent any danger as it has splashed outside the space station, according to Sergei Krikalev, executive director of manned space programs at RosCosmos, the Russian space agency.

A curious fact Sergei Krikalev was one of the cosmonauts along with Alexander Volkov who remained in the Russian MIR space station while the Soviet Union ceased to exist, due to lack of money and the change of administration due to the fragmentation of the Soviet Union at the time. at the station it was twice as normal, spending 10 months in orbit and being known in the West as "the cosmonauts marooned in space."

It could be very convenient that whoever makes decisions about the people who inhabit the space station has gone through a situation like this, because it could happen again, the lack of refrigerant means that the Soyuz cannot cool its interior, this puts its passengers at risk and the electronics of their navigation computers, so the ship may have been disabled and that's a problem.

There are currently seven people on the international space station, 3 Russians, 3 Americans and a Japanese, and attached to the station are the two ships that took them there, a SpaceX dragon capsule that can fit four people and the damaged Soyuz that can carry three people.


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