Consequences of the War in the scientific field

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Consequences of the War in the scientific field.


The invasion of Ukraine is a disgrace from any point of view, and the repercussions it will have in the scientific field will be very great, because unfortunately these disastrous events have repercussions on a large scale, in fact at all scales in this world today. globalized.

The situation is so delicate that the Russian science or aerospace agencies are disabled, for example roscósmos their website and other agency sites are disabled, they cannot be entered at least at the time of making this publication.


I imagine that many scientific collaboration programs are going to be affected, I am going to start with one that seems to be hit by bad luck, I am referring to the Russian / European Exomars 2022 mission, now it is called 2022, but initially it would have been called 2018, because it was planned to send on the ship in 2018, but then the issue was postponed to 2020, however, due to the issue of complications from the pandemic, the launch of the mission had to be postponed again to 2022.

Note: because the missions to Mars are postponed every two years, this is because to send a spacecraft to Mars you have to take advantage of the launch windows and in the case of Mars, the launch windows occur every 26 months.

This mission, which would be an astrobiology space mission, its objective would be to search for life on the red planet and whose star would be to send an explorer rover called Rosalind Franklin, it would also logically be composed of a rocket that would send the ship that was a Russian rocket a proton and a lander that is also of Russian origin the rover would be of European origin it would be the European part of the mission the launch would take place in principle between September 20 and October 1, 2022.

But given the current circumstances, things can get very complicated, from roscósmos they have said that they wanted to continue with this mission, but the issue is very complicated, and I have a feeling that it will be postponed or canceled again, with good luck then we would already be talking about 2024, it is one of those missions that are in place now, they are even in the tug-of-war in negotiations.


There are strategic sectors in which we are not only talking about specific missions, but also about the space industry at levels we may not have seen, but one of the aspects that is going to be affected is the construction of rocket engines, but it turns out that many of The rockets used by US rockets originated in Russia and Ukraine, curiously this was the case until the arrival of SpaceX engines.

For example, the Atras 5 rockets of the ula used Russian rockets, something that it seems they will no longer be able to do from now on, so they have a pretty big problem, they will have to resort to, I don't know, SpaceX rockets, the Northrop Grumman company it also produces antares rockets but the motors for those antares rockets are largely built in the ukraine, in facilities that are now believed to no longer exist because they have been destroyed by military actions, so the space industry has already suffered with quite a severe blow.

As the war and the events unfold, more industries affected by the conflict will be revealed, strategic areas will be added and each country will move its chips to protect itself and others will be drastically affected.



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