Axiom-1 mission, It is the first private mission.

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Axiom-1 mission, It is the first private mission.

It is the first private mission that has gone to the international space station, this ship was launched on Friday, April 8 from Cape Canaveral in Florida, by means of a Falcon 9 rocket, the video shows that of the dragon ship to the space station after of a 21-hour trip, both the ship and the rocket are from the company SpaceX

Four crew members were traveling on the mission, commanded by the veteran American astronaut but of Spanish origin, Miguel López Alegría. This mission is considered historic because it is the first completely private mission to the international space station, as I already said, the rocket and the ship are from spacex, which are a private company.

The trip is organized by Action Space, which is another private company specializing in technology systems for astronautics. López-Alegría is vice president of this company and the three passengers are multimillionaires who are suspected of not having specifically said so, but it is suspected that they have paid close to 50 million euros for living an experience of 10 days in space, although mystical its concrete will not exactly be space tourism, since travelers will have to carry out more than 25 scientific experiments and informative activities.

I don't know what to call them because astronauts say it's not correct to call them, it's a bit confusing, they are such new things that they need new terms to define them, because this Action Space company really wants to focus on attracting researchers from all over the world, because experiments carried out in Earth orbit are increasingly important for the development of new technologies.

We are at the beginning of a change in the model of the conquest of space, until now the absolute protagonists were not the state agencies, such as NASA or the European Space Agency, but from now on we will see more and more private companies in ships, missions and personnel all from private companies and even space stations owned by private companies, space will increasingly be an engine of industrial economic development.

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I think an important part of the story to take into consideration is that this is a commercial mission provided to a public space Agency. The plan for commercial companies providing services to NASA still involves contracts raised by the agency to be provided as a service by companies, in opposition to the provision of materials and assets (spacecraft, launchers, ground segments...). In the same way the future commercial space stations will still provide a service to NASA, so in the end it is a small change on the final property of the assets, but the payer will still the same.

However, it brings some good news, more companies will bring new projects and capabilities, eventually.

That is correct, the public and the private are not going to slide, for a while they will go hand in hand, but it is a start.
This is how every industry began, one needs for a collective.

Exactly! I hope we can see an orbital economy flourishing in the next decades

It would be great to work in space... it would be a great opening.