Artificial islands created 7000 years ago

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Artificial islands created 7000 years ago.

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Traditionally, and we can see it in many textbooks, it is usually thought that human civilization, understood as an organized society with the capacity to build large structures, began with the Sumerians and the Egyptians. Even Sumer is often said to be the first civilization in history. but, the demonstrations of the last few years may force us to change that, since they are demonstrating that many things happened and that there were very interesting cultures between the end of the ice age and the archaeological birth of the great ancient civilizations, that of the Nile, that of Mesopotamia, the one in Lindo, the one in Caral or the ones in China.

The latest finding was presented a few days ago by researchers from the University of Zadar in Croatia, it is a stone road that leads to an artificial island located on the coast of the island of Corcula, both island road structures date back almost 7,000 years , when they were built, there were still 2,400 years to go before the Egyptians built what is considered their first pyramid, the stepped pyramid of Djoser.

Both the Island and the road are now under the water, about four or five meters deep, they were part of the now submerged Neolithic town of Soline, home of the Hvar culture, it is the name that researchers have given it because we do not know what the builders of the artificial island called themselves.

Neolithic artifacts such as cream colored blades, stone axes and sacrificial fragments have been found at the site, interestingly on the other side of the island near Gradina Bay another similar artificial Island has been found, it is not yet clear if the Islands artificial were used as places for rituals or as fortified towns, there are still many mysteries to investigate under these waters.


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! The truth will set us free and science is the one that is closest to the truth!


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