Anomalies in the outer solar system.

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Anomalies in the outer solar system.


Various anomalies have been discovered in a vast region where we find the Kuiper Belt, the Kuiper Abyss and the Oor Cloud that could prove the existence of a ninth planet, but that is not the only theory that would explain the anomalies, there are other theories that proposes the existence of a primordial black hole.

A normal black hole is born from the collapse of a massive star much larger than the sun, black holes have a minimum size of three solar masses and we can assure that there are no normal black holes near us, less than two light years away. , because then we would know since the entire solar system would be orbiting that black hole since it would be more massive than the sun, we would then live in a binary system with a star that would be the sun and a black hole. The curious thing is that we could live peacefully like this for a long time as long as we don't get close to him.

But that does not happen, we know perfectly well that the sun travels alone circling the galaxy, it takes about 225 to 250 million years to complete that revolution, but the theory of the primordial black hole is something different from a normal black hole, I clarify it is a theory because He is talking about a theoretical object, one has never been found and many astronomers consider that they do not exist.

These primordial black holes would have formed at the very moment of the origin of the universe and that is why they are called primordial, the point is that they could be of almost any size, I say almost, because it is believed that those smaller than the mass of the moon since they would have dissolved, but according to one theory it could be in the outer region of the solar system and altering the orbits of the dwarf planets and causing these anomalies.

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A primordial black hole with the mass of a planet like Neptune that was orbiting the sun would be complicated to discover, a primordial black hole could theoretically have moons orbiting it would be the way to discover it perhaps, the simplest explanation is the existence of a planet or several.

Another explanation for the anomalies would be the passage of a star close to the solar system, something that may not be as abnormal as was thought years ago but, having arrived here, you may be wondering why we can capture those planets that are hundreds of light years away. distance and we cannot capture one that is in our own solar system.

The explanation is that the exoplanets that we discover are usually very close to their stars, so detectable mini-eclipses occur or can even disturb the movement of the Star. Finding exoplanets that orbit at a distance like that of the Earth from the Sun is very complicated, unless they are large and if they are further away it is even more difficult, in the case of planet 9 it is quite far away and in an area where it barely receives sunlight.

If we were on the surface of that world we would live in an eternal night where the sun would only be the brightest star in the sky, but detecting it is not completely impossible, in fact it is even possible that we have already detected it, because there is the possibility that space observatories have already captured planet number 9 in their data package, if it exists, but the problem is that you have to analyze data by data, number by number and that takes a long time.

We also hope that the application of Artificial Intelligence tools will speed up the work and we will soon have an answer to this enigma of planet number 9 or maybe planets, maybe there are several small ones out there orbiting seeing your questions wandering planets near the system solar.

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