Active sunspots

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Active sunspots


The active sunspot AR 3.079 that is responsible for all this activity seen this week has been sizzling, a term used by technicians who have seen class c solar flares, which are among the weakest but experts believe that many of these small weak flares could destabilize or alter the sunspot area and cause a more powerful explosion that would produce a coronal mass ejection, which could not cause problems.


Remember that the flares range from class A which are the weakest, to those followed by B, C, M which can already cause some disorder, and the x which are the most dangerous each level is 10 times more powerful than the previous one, you may ask yourselves there may be flares more powerful than the x that are the most dangerous because we do not know, there is no record of flares in the sun 10 times more powerful than the x, which does not mean that there were not in the past, remember that our technological study of solar activity is something very recent.


The most powerful flare recorded was in 2003, it was so powerful that it overloaded the measurement sensors, and I clarify that a flare does not have to be associated with a solar storm. The flare first produces a flash of radiation that moves at the speed of light and is what caused the measurement sensors of the solar observatories to become saturated in 2003


The flare can also expel coronal mass which is a plasma cloud of charged particles that move through space, but much more slowly and usually take between 1 to 3 days without reaching the earth, that if they arrive, it is important because not always hit our planet luckily.

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The universe is incredible. This flare is beautiful and scary at the same time.
Thanks for sharing.

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