A moon better than ours

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The most promising Moon.


The moon Titan is the largest moon of Saturn, a giant moon is 5,149 kilometers in diameter, it is 270 kilometers larger than the planet Mercury, if they remove the sun's orbit it would surely be considered a planet, even so it is the second largest moon in the system solar, surpassed by only 120 kilometers by Jupiter's moon Ganymede.

Titan is also the only known place outside the earth, which has a surface where liquid rivers run off, it rains there, rivers, channels and streams form, ravines, there are lakes and even small seas, in fact it would be the only surface that of Titan outside the earth on which we could walk without the need for a pressurized space suit, something that, if we need for example on Mars, the atmospheric pressure is one and a half times that of the earth.

On Titan we could walk “calmly”, we need a supply of oxygen and a suit that shelters us from intense cold, since the temperature is minus 179.5 degrees Celsius, if a glove breaks our fingers can freeze, but at least we wouldn't die from lack of pressure.

Interestingly, the first person to suggest that Titan could have an atmosphere was the Spanish astronomer José Comas y Solá in 1907 due to the edge dimming effect, which is basically the apparent diminution of light by absorption and scattering in its atmosphere.

This person was one of the first scientific popularizers, understood as modern popularizers to those who use the media to explain science issues to the general public, publishing up to 600 articles in the newspaper La Vanguard, he did so until practically the day of his death. death in 1937, in fact, his work has earned him to have a crater with his name on mars and it is not a small crater it is 132 kilometers in diameter.

On titan, despite its size, gravity is less than on our moon, a person who on earth weighed 80 kilos on titan would weigh a little more than 11 kilos, on titan you would feel like a superhero, and literally not only could you carry much more equipment and making big jumps is that and returning to the advantage of the dense atmosphere you could even fly like a bird.

It has been calculated that the combination of atmosphere and low gravity means that the energy needed to fly on Titan is almost 30 times less than what is needed on Earth, which is why Leonardo da Vinci's dream of flying by flapping wings attached to the arms on Titan would be possible.

You have to see it to believe it

On earth the wings should be huge and at the moment things are much more difficult as Leonardo discovered in his time, a material light enough for our arms to be able to move them and create an impulse has not yet been created, although there is a particular case that needs to be talked about, because the closest thing to this type of flight was achieved by the mechanical engineer Jarno Smeets from the Netherlands was on March 18, 2012, he managed to fly about 100 meters with enormous wings and with the force of his arms but he was completely exhausted and the experience has not been repeated, however, on Titan it would not take the enormous or so much effort and in fact I believe that the first astronauts to travel there could use that method to move .

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