A fully autonomous robot chef.

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A fully autonomous robot chef.


Imagine having your own personal digital chef ready to cook whatever you want, able to tailor the shape, texture and flavor just for you and all with the push of a button.

Engineers at Columbia University have been working to do just that, using lasers to cook and 3D printing technology to assemble food.In a new published study the team explored various cooking modalities by exposing chicken to blue and infrared light.


Several 3-millimeter-thick meat samples were printed as a test bench and evaluated a variety of parameters including depth of cooking, color development, moisture retention, and flavor differences between laser-cooked meat and Baked meat found that laser cooked meat shrinks 50% less, retains twice the moisture content and exhibits flavor development similar to conventionally cooked meat.

Despite this advance, scientists affirm that there are still great limitations, since a software called Food CAD is necessary, that is, a kind of photoshop for food that allows people who are not programs and software developers to design the foods they want , a medium where people can share digital recipes will also be needed.


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This looks very interesting. The future is really "spooky" sometimes, haha!